Leave a Lasting Legacy

Leave a Lasting Legacy

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If you don't have a legal plan documented before you pass away, it will be up to the state to determine how your assets are allocated. Wills and trusts give you the power to write down your wishes and make sure they're executed properly, dividing your assets however you choose.

Nicholas R. Smith Law Firm, PLLC can help you create a will or trust that covers all of your wants and needs. From deciding who will inherit your belongings to providing for your loved ones financially, our lawyer will explain everything and walk you through the process.

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The advantages of a personalized trust

Even if you have a legal will detailing your wishes, your family could end up with a long and difficult legal process. Fortunately, trusts make it as simple as possible to pass on your estate. Consider creating a trust because...

  • It can help you reduce estate and gift taxes, ensuring more of your assets are passed on
  • You can put conditions on when, how and to whom your assets are distributed
  • Your loved ones can avoid the cost and delays brought on by probate court

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